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Weather in Croatia 26th of April, 2015 at 02 AM

  Stations Wind direction Wind velocity
Air temperature (°C) Relative humidity
Atmospheric pressure(hPa) Pressure tendency
Weather conditions
 Bilogora SW 06 13 64 1013.1 -0.5 clear
 Dubrovnik-aerodrom NW 02 11 84 1017.8 +0.2 clear
 Gorice-Nova Gradi

  * pressure at the station level

» Weather parameters

s the amount of clouds cowering the sky, is estimated in eights or tenths of sky. Clear sky is presented with 0 while overcast is marked as 8/8 or 10/10. By establishing cloudiness, there are clear days, where cloudiness is less than 2/8 (<=2.5/10), and cloudy days, where cloudiness is more than 6/8 (>=7.5/10). In general, sky state can be presented by certain amount of clouds.

sky state, presented in eights*
1,2mainly clear
3, 4, 5partly cloudy
6, 7cloudy
9in cloud (sky not visible)

According to the international wind direction marks definition, as the direction which the wind is blowing from, here are the following marks:
Nnorth wind
NEnortheast wind
Eeast wind
SEsoutheast wind
Ssouth wind
SWsouthwest wind
Wwest wind
NWnorthwest wind

Its value shows change of atmosferic pressure in the most recent time period.
red letterspressure dropping
yellow letterspressure stays the same
blue letterspressure rising

*from Gelo "Opća i prometna meteorologija II dio", Zagreb, 2000.
in B. Penzar et all "Meteorologija za korisnike" title:
"Naziv vremena prema zastrtosti neba oblacima"


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