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Sea Temperature (°C) on the 01st of June, 2016

 Station \ Local time (h) 07 08 11 14 15 17
 Bo┼żava 20
 Crikvenica 19.6
 Dubrovnik 20.8
 Malinska 20.7
 Opatija 20.3
 Zadar 19.4
  buoy station data

» Measurements of sea sufrace temperature
Sea surface temperature is measured by the station network covering the coast and the islands. Measurements are performed by non-professional (where possible, at main meteorological stations by professional) observers according to the MHS Marine Meteorological Department guidelines. Observation logs are forwarded by mail at the end of each month. Data are entered into the computer, checked and stored. At certain locations a sea temperature sensor has been added to automatic meteorological stations to continually measure sea temperature.

» Meteorological stations that measure SST

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