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Snow depths in Croatia on 24.03.2018 at 07 AM

 Station Total [cm] New [cm]
 Crni Lug-NP Risnjak 17 -
 Delnice 28 -
 Gospić 12 -
 RC Gradište (kod Županje) 6 -
 Parg-Čabar 18 -
 NP Plitvička jezera 13 -
 RC Puntijarka 15 -
 Vinkovci 3 -
 Vukovar 3 -
 Zavižan 230 -

» Measurements of snow cover
Snow cover extent (amount of soil covered) is determined at all MHS meteorological stations. Data are recorded in observation logs and subsequently entered into the computer. User programmes determine the number of days with snow, the start and end of snow appearance on the ground etc.

Snow cover depth is determined by snow stake at all MHS meteorological stations. From the main meteorological stations data are transferred as meteorological messages to be used in national and international data exchange. Data are entered into the computer, checked and stored. Automatic stations ensure constant monitoring of snow depth by laser sensors.


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